The Laptops are here: Let the Game Begin

Dear Readers,

We apologise for the delay in keeping/starting the blog together with our learning program. We have so far been enjoying a great learning experience through the use of XO Laptops. Commissioned by our Patron, Limoke Oscar and with generous support from the OLPC Foundation and the Small Solutions, led by the energetic Sandra Thaxter, we began using XO's in classes on October 2012. I don't want to jump gun so I will start sharing our experiences right from Day 1.

Day 1 

We received laptops delivered by Sandra Thaxter for Small Solutions . We are all excited if not intoxicated by the thought of having laptops. My mum has graced the occasion. She doesn't want to be left behind on this auspicious occasion, not when her daughter is starting a new chapter in learning through exploration. She has graced the occasion by preparing the best dishes in luhya land. I am tempted to think Christmas has come early. Despite my brother, our Patron, Oscar, warning her that perhaps Sandra doesn't have strong African Teeth to chew that Kienyeji chicken, she refuses and goes ahead to make the stew and other delicacies associated with christmas.

When the Laptops and Sandra arrive and we all start enjoying and playing with them. Old and young, we are all excited to be using laptops.
Old and Young: We all Love to Learn
Most of my friends are seeing/touching a laptop for the 1st time, Not me. I have been playing with my brothers laptop and I know a few things here and there.  I am nonetheless so excited as this time, I wont have to use the laptop under the watchful eyes of my brother. I can explore and exploit and learn more about the laptop as much as possible.

As we all enjoy the sumptuous meal, we are joined by my Headteacher  who is very excited at the prospect of his school piloting this new approach of learning. I am a bit uneasy being close to him, he is a tough teacher and I am hoping I will be at my best behaved lest when school resumes, I would see the wrath of his cane.
Thumbs Up: New Path to Learning

We sing for Sandra, we thank her and Oscar. We are all longing what time she leaves, not because we want her gone, but because we can't wait to start playing and learning with the laptops. I will update you on what happened as soon as she boarded a matatu.

N/B: Google and my brother Won't let me have my own blog till when am 13.

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